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<FIREFOX> NOTE: Manifest v3 requires Mozilla Firefox 109 or later. The release of Browser Store for Firefox v2.1 will be delayed until the commercial release of Firefox 109 on 17 January 2023. Once released, the extension will require Firefox 109 or later.

What's new in Browser Store Plus

  • Autofocus to search field when extension opened

  • Iconography switched from UIcons by Flaticon to Material-3 based Material Symbols by Google

  • Search button updated to Material Symbols

  • Modified extension accent colour based on the browser (blue for Chrome, green for Edge, and pinkish orange for Firefox)

  • Extension accent colour implemented for search button, input text, and search box border

  • Updated copyright message to "© 2023 EnderAxolotl57"

  • <EDGE> Updated phrasing of Chrome Web Store redirect message to "Looking for Chrome Web Store? Download Browser Store Plus for Edge."

  • Updated extension summary

  • Logo resolution improved

Store listing
  • Changes to summary and extension details

  • Updated support URL

  • Updated developer email

  • Updated developer name

  • Updated main Browser Store Plus promotional image

Background changes
  • <FIREFOX> Migrated to Manifest v3

Browser requirements
  • <FIREFOX> Browser Store Plus for Firefox now requires Mozilla Firefox 109 or later

What's new on the landing page

The landing page for Browser Store Plus has been carefully revamped, with a new design, a new and improved support page with FAQs, and more! We're also excited to announce the brand new @BrowseStorePlus Twitter account, where we post announcements, as well as periodic extension/theme recommendation and tips and tricks for improving your browser experience.

Coming soon

That's right. We've still got plans for the future of Browser Store Plus.

  • <EDGE> New button to switch between Chrome Web Store and Microsoft Edge Extensions (will remember selection next time you open Browser Store Plus)

  • New settings page where you can easily change the keyboard shortcut, set your default browser store on Edge, and more

  • Onboarding page to get you started

  • Possible full migration to Material 3 design language

  • And much more to come!

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